Welcome to the Desk of Black Cat Wanderlust

Good morning! 早安! おはようございます!

Sitting at My Desk

I write this from my desk at home, looking out at the incredibly cloudy and rainy weather. I dream of warm sunny days in Taiwan, drinking a honeycomb frappucino and watching people stroll along the sidewalks. I love my hometown of Bellevue, WA. but I long to explore the world – one country, one city, and one coffee shop at a time.

Honeycomb Frappucinos in Taiwan!

Who is this person who is waxing eloquent about traveling the world? What better way is there to introduce myself than to give you a quick tour of my desk? I currently use an old card table tucked into the corner of my bedroom. I hope to someday invest in a beautiful wood desk, preferably a rolltop desk. Until then, I spread my favorite things across my makeshift desk.

Millionaire Expat

I am currently reading an investment book titled Millionaire Expat and written by Andrew Hallam. My husband and I hope to move overseas someday and I want to learn how to invest our money so that we can prepare for retirement while living outside of the United States.

Blog Notebook

Is anyone else addicted to office supplies as much as I am? I have three notebooks on my desk. The first is where I jot down notes for this blog – ideas for blog topics and things I hope will inspire my readers. For example, I’m currently taking notes as I try to find the best boba tea shop in Bellevue plus brainstorm ways to stay motivated while learning a language.

Morning Journal

My second journal is where I write down my Best Decade Ever dreams. This writing exercise came from a January challenge by Mel Robbins to dream big and then dream even bigger. I try to journal at least three mornings a week.

Kanji Notebook

My third notebook is for practicing hanzi or kanji. My scribbles look like that of a toddler but I’m slowly getting better!

Chinese Textbooks

I have a stack of Chinese textbooks on one corner of my desk. On my bookshelf, I have an introductory Korean textbook and a Japanese textbook. Later I’ll share pictures of my collection of Japanese and Chinese novels! I don’t know how to read them yet but having them on my bookshelf inspires me.  

Favorite Coffee Mug

As I work at my desk, I often have a cup of coffee within reach. My husband has turned me into a bit of a coffee snob. We buy whole beans, grind them as needed, and brew our coffee in a french press. The coffee tastes amazing and oh so fresh! The only thing better than a freshly brewed cup of coffee is a mocha.

After I finish writing in my morning journal, I set up my mouse and laptop. With that addition, my desk is now a visual representation of the things that make my heart sing. As I was making the list for this post, I found the only thing not represented is my love for cats, especially black cats. But then I realized… Some of my pens are cat pens from Korea. My coffee mug has a painting of a cat reading a book. My journaling stickers are currently cat themed! I think my desk truly does represent me.

Does your desk reflect your passions? Let me know in the comments!

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